IM to Mobile

Need to IM someone who’s out and about? If you know her or his mobile number, you can send a text through AIM. In the new AIM, simply type the 10-digit phone number (U.S. only) as a new username. If you’re using an older version of AIM (such as version 7.5 of AIM for Windows or 2.2 on AIM for Mac), click on a name in your contact list, then click “Send a text message” in the AIM conversation window. In the To: field, enter their mobile number. That’s it! The IM you send is now a text message.

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Add Phone Numbers to Your Contacts

Adding a contact’s mobile number directly to their info on your contacts makes texting them as one-click easy as sending an IM.

Manage Your Mobile Privacy

Naturally, you have control over who can send text messages to your mobile. Any time you get an unwanted text message from an AIM user, you can reply with the word “block” to block that account from sending any further messages to your mobile device.

Register/manage your mobile device

Block texts if you are not an AIM user

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IM Forwarding

Keep the AIM conversation flowing even when you’re on the move.

Register for IM Forwarding

It’s easy! When you sign out at your computer or set your availability to “Mobile,” you’ll receive AIM messages on your device via text message (SMS). Simply enter your phone number to register today.

Manage who can IM you when you’re mobile

In your mobile settings, you can choose to accept IMs from a select group of contacts, from all of your contacts, or from anyone who knows your Username. You can also block a sender from sending IM’s to your phone by replying “block“ to the first message that you receive from that sender.

Register/manage your mobile device

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Learn more about unwanted messages (SPIM)


Wanna IM on the go? Send a text that arrives as an instant message. AIM TXT accesses AIM when you send simple text message commands to 246246 (AIMAIM).

Just tap 246246 in the TO: field of your text message, then an AIM command like “send” or “status” in the message body. Then just write the message.

It’s that easy :)

Here are some ways you can use AIM TXT.

Send an IM to a Contact

Simply text “send” then their Username followed by your message.
Example: Sending “send alexjwhite hey alex, you there?” sends the message “hey alex, you there?” to the Username “alexjwhite“

Update Your Status

Send the word “status” followed by your new status message.
Example: “status heading to class“

Update your Availability

Text “available” “away” or “invisible” followed by any message you wish to display.
Example: Sending “available done with classes today” updates your state to Available and your status message to “done with classes today“

Want to see who’s online or manage your Contacts?

Simply log into your AIM account by texting “login” to 246246. AIM will ask you to reply with your Username and password. Once logged in, send “bl” anytime and AIM will send you a snapshot of your contacts (all contacts in your “Mobile Device” group).

Hints and Shortcuts

You can text “help” any time to 246246 and AIM will send you a list of commands. Below is a list of the AIM TXT shortcuts.

246246 (AIMAIM) Shortcuts

Send an IMsendim
Set availabilityavailableavail, online
Update status messagestatusstat
Get helphelpH, ?
View Contacts (Buddy List)*bl 
Add a Contact*add 
Delete a Contact*deletedel
Switch Username*switchsnswitch
Logout*logoutout, offline
* requires login to access this feature

Block SMS

Available in U.S. only. AOL Mobile services may require a wireless data plan and wireless carrier charges may apply. Not all AOL Mobile services are available on all wireless carriers or on all wireless devices. Check with your wireless carrier to confirm that product use is consistent with your carrier’s Terms of Service.

AIM is available in 5 delicious flavors

Change can be scary (we get it). If you want AIM the way you’ve always known it, you can download older versions here.